Sunday, November 26, 2006

Wool In Arizona?

Well, my mom's left Michigan.
For good.
I am the last one on that side of the family to remain here.

Health wise the move will be good for her. Mentally and physically she is in a better place. Less weather fluctuations mean improved mobility and pain free days. Yea mom! She has never lived outside of Michigan, and only traveled on vacations. Very brave, indeed.

Now, I am happy for her. But I have always had a parent close by to lean on in tough times. Some, definitely not all, examples:

1. Pop in the car and boom 25 minutes later they are here/I'm there.
2. When yard work got too big, Pooh-Bear (my Dad) would come over to help.
3. During the divorce from He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, parents would show up with gifts like toilet paper, toasters, or a Christmas tree. When you are down, these are more precious than a skein of pure cashmere.
4. I would stop by their house on my way to soccer games.
5. Free babysitting! Soccer Chica didn't have a real baby sitter until she was almost 9 years old because my parents were always there.
6. Holidays with family in my childhood home.
7. TP-ing the neighbors with mom as the get-away driver. Did I just admit to that? Nah.
8. Sunday evening boat rides

So now what do I do? Soon to be celebrating the 12th anniversary of my 27th birthday and I'm feeling a little lonely. I want my mommy. . .

I ask, "How the Hell am I supposed to knit a wool sweater for someone who lives in Arizona?"

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