Monday, November 27, 2006

A Pilgrim Needs Socks Too

Well, here I go again. Just finish a pair of socks and cast on for a new pair. I am going to use this beautiful blue, hand painted yarn from Artyarn to make Anastasia socks by Pepperknit.

The yarn was purchased at the end of September, see here. I was going use Wendy's Toe Up pattern and get a quick, happy knit. Now, I love Wendy's pattern, but felt this yarn needed a little help. My gauge swatch showed me that the color variation is very subtle. So, to add a little oomph, I began a search for the right pattern. While doing my daily blog reading, I stumbled on Pepperknit's blog and pattern. Love it!

I started these on Thanksgiving evening and was finished with the first one by Sunday night. The pattern is easy to follow, and she has left you with lots of options for customizing. I had to alter the amount of stitches cast on from 30 to 25; otherwise RM would be wearing lace spiral socks. Not a good look for him.

Also, I used my new Addi Turbo, size US2 circular needle to knit the sock using Magic Loop. I have only knitted socks on Magic Loop one other time. To be honest, I don’t have a preference between Magic Loop and DPN's. Each has their own merit. What I did discover, is that I love the Addi Turbo's. Definitely will explore these needles further.

Watch for pictures of my finished Embossed Leaves Socks.

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