Friday, April 20, 2007

Soccerchica to Trackdiva

Soccerchica had never participated in another sport besides soccer (at the level she plays, it takes up all her time). Yesterday changed all that. Soccerchica participated in her first track meet. She place third over-all in the long jump, finished first in her heat for the 100m dash, and placed fourth overall for the 200m dash. Not too shabby for a first time out (ok, I am a little proud).

Note the cast on her left arm. That's what playing in a boys division (to allegedly get better competition, per old coach who has now been fired - long story) for indoor soccer can get you. Thursday it comes off for x-ray's and a new one goes right back on for four more weeks. Hopefully Doctor clears her for play, because it's been almost six weeks since she was in a game and is getting very anxious get on the field.

In knitting news, I worked on these while at the meet. They are The Betweener Socks with added stripes by Jaye Quadrozzi. The first pair I made in this pattern were out of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk, talk about heaven to wear. My jog's, well, suck need work. But I found a super tutorial blog called TECHknitting. It provided a valuable tip to make my jog’s almost invisible. I tried the stationary jogless stripes and found that I still got a slightly visible dip. But I am enjoying the color changes and the challenge of getting the jog "just right."

Do you have a tip for knitting stripes/color changes in the round? I'd love to hear them!


pamela wynne said...

omg, she did all that with a cast on her arm? amazing.

I use the jogless join found at:

Sarah said...

Wow!! Go Soccerchica!!! She must be one sporty young lady to do so well. You must be very proud of her. S

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you too, Soccerchica! I have a feeling you lurk on this blog the way Uncle CJ does...but if not, then mom, tell Soccerchica her Auntie in MT is wicked proud! Love ya! JJ

trixie stix said...

Sarah, we are very proud of her. She gets her natural athletic ability from me.

Note - This is where you should begin laughing hysterically, because all my athletic ability is contained in my left shoe.

Robin said...

That is amazing! Great job, Soccerchica! If I had a cast on my arm, I would be sitting on the couch eating chocolates and sipping martinis, but that's just me (LOL). I can't believe she was playing soccer with boys - I used to even hate coed gym class. Boys play rough!