Monday, June 25, 2007


Why not just call it the figure 8 cast on? That I can search on Google. But a search for a tutorial on Middle East-wrap method of casting on was a big bust. The other night I seemed a little too groggy to follow the IK directions and need more help. Hello Yarn has, in my opinion, had more detailed directions here.

Very helpful indeed.

Donna, thank your for commenting the other day on my post about crabs. I wanted to answer your question about sizing, but was unable to link back to a blog for you. Not sure if it was late night woozies or blogger. So here is what I am doing about the size. After referring to the chart and doing a gauge swatch (reality, I measured the false start from last night before my dip in the frog pond), I am going to knit an Adult M at 8 sts per inch. Truth be told, like you I am a little worried about 72 stitches and the socks being too large. It makes me slightly dizzy just thinking about that many stitches . . . in 2x2 ribbing. My hope is that the ribbing will pull the sock snug to my foot making it all good. Never have I knit a sock at 72 stitches around. Yet I am choosing to forge ahead, trust the pattern (Ann Budd did write this one) and try my luck.

You know. . . now that I have posted that last sentence - I'm doomed.

The thing I enjoy about knitting is that it is fluid, always changing during the process. My knitting tends to be really fluid - as in too-many-trips-to-the-frog-pond-fluid. So Donna, for the short version, trust the pattern and try it at 8 inches. If it doesn't work, take a dip in the frog pond and start over. The water's fine, I've already been in.

PS ~ Mine are knitting up roomy (to say the least) in the toe and instep. But after I studied the photo for a few minutes, the socks pictured seem roomy and loose in the same area. If this continues up the leg, I will have to change to smaller needles because I have skinny ankles.


African Girl said...

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a friend to knit with said...

Thank you so much for linking that figure 8 cast on! I too am knitting the IK and the middle east wrap method had me sooo confused...I finally figured it out after about an hour of trying, but boy....that looks so much easier!
Yours are looking great!